Creencias Tequila Blanco

Creencias Tequila Blanco

Creencias - NV
Product Code: HMZ01
Grape: Non-Grape
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 38%
Creencias tequilas are a unique experience, made with the passion, precision and thought that only a small family run operation can deliver. They use the old original methods of production (as it was 100 years ago) and are 100% organic. With far less harmful and cheaper 'higher alcohols', its purity and intensity of flavour respects the origin of tequila itself in the heart of the blue agave plant. This 'Blanco' offers the agave's purest expression, unoaked it is twice distilled and treated only with a selected very high quality, natural mountain spring water.


Proud of our origin and respectful of our roots, our traditions, our myths, and especially in todays society, Creencias produces its bottles under the craftsmanship of Mexican matriarchs. Employing, natural raw materials such as recycled glass, vegetable dyes, jute and sisal fibers.

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