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Christmas Gifts 2012

Any offers/prices seen below are time specific and may now have finished/changed

Give some Festive Cheer – it’s the thought that counts

We would love you to say Merry ‘Organic’ Christmas this year to your friends, family and colleagues. Give some festive cheer, there’s loads of top tipples to choose from. Send anything from a single bottle, to a whole or even multiple cases. Here are a few ideas…

Our pre-selected mixed SIX bottle cases make perfect compact gifts, and there’s savings on them too.

Festive Essential Six – Christmas in a box!


Star Quality Six – Superb wine, every bottle


Class Six – Top quality six with FREE DELIVERY (save £6.95)


Spectacular Trio 2009 Bordeaux

For the real wine enthusiast or connoisseur consider our Spectacular Bordeaux Trio 2009 in free wooden presentation case, tasting notes included.


In Good Spirits

A choice bottle of Gin, Armagnac or Malt Whisky maybe


Of course you can choose your own favourites to give too. We can also pop in any of those little extras which can make the difference. How about some sumptious  Booja Booja Organic and vegan Champagne Truffles, to go with that bottle of Champagne? Or some Mulling Spices, even our new Morning After Tea Comforter box makes for a thoughtful gift to those that might appreciate it! If you’re bamboozled by choice, why not send some Vintage Roots Vouchers with a Wine List, and let them choose their favourites?

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