Champagne Faust Carte d’Or (75cl)


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Stylish organic Champagne with a soft mousse. Competitively-priced

This organic Champagne is so much more than just great value; it’s also quality flavours and innate elegance that you can’t help but love. Produced in the French wine region of Champagne, it’s made from Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes – giving it a depth and complexity that makes it a decadent choice. The Pinot Meunier grapes add fruitier flavours into the mix, bringing layers to the green apple, floral, and herbaceous flavours of the Chardonnay. The blend strikes just the right balance between sweetness and acidity, and it’s a quality choice at an excellent price.

Gites are available at Faust, in the village of Vandieres. Free bottle of Champagne with a two night reservation! Please contact for more information.


Crisp and dry, Granny Smith apple and preserved lemon


Citrus and green apple, Lemon biscuit

Situated in Vandières, this 30-hectare estate has been organically certified since 1969. For twenty-five years the Faust vineyards have prospered without the use of any chemicals, giving fine quality grapes with just the right levels of sugar and acidity for champagne.



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  1. Good value

    Very fruity and lots of flavour. Good value


  2. top fizz

    This is good value for the quality. Much better than the ‘high street’ brands


  3. Superb Champagne

    Well balanced and superb with Turkey and chicken – highly recommended – only problem was couldn’t stop guests drinking it – I ran out!


  4. Cheering

    A really delicious champagne and a treat.

    Lesley (verified owner)