Celia Organic Premium Gluten Free Lager (33cl)



Premium is a well used word for this fabulous lager
Worried about gluten, but miss drinking beer? With this Czech lager, you can have the best of both worlds! The beer is brewed using a special method that eliminates all of the gluten (present in the wheat, hops, and malt), but it's made using fully organic ingredients. The noble Saaz hops give the beer a rich, complex flavour, and you'll find that it's a very crisp, satisfying lager. This organic lager is even brewed in a 14th century castle--could it get any more epic?


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  1. Thank you Vintage Roots!!!

    I’ve been looking for an organic, gluten free lager for ages and now my wish has been granted.


  2. Celia

    Lovely tasting beer, my favourite upto now

    Butty P


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