Can Axartell Tinto


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From northern Mallorca, this soft, complex red is full of brightness and energy.

Cherry colour, it stands out for the vivacity of a wine that is born in privileged surroundings, at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains and very close to the northern coast of Mallorca. It has a medium intensity, but full of brightness and energy. It stands out for its great complexity of aromas, where the nuances of the lower Mediterranean forest are mixed with the leaf litter and nuts. It is as pleasant as it is complex, the result of the synthesis of the vineyard with its natural environment and of the ecological cultivation used to grow the Callet, Syrah, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Manto Negro grapes


Fig and black cherry, Peppery


Figgy, Forest and hedgerow fruit

Can Axartell is a finca, or rural estate, unlike any other. It is a place where both the traditional and modern sides of Mallorcan winegrowing blend and coexist. It is home to vineyards, olive plantations, forests, hillsides and waterways that flow together into a harmonious whole. Yet before its rediscovery in the 1990s, Can Axartell had fallen into a long period of disrepair. Restoring the centuries-old buildings proved a long and arduous process, but that time was well spent preparing for the recovery and recultivation of the estate's first vineyards. From the start, the estate has worked exclusively with certified organic practices. The modern winery buildings were completed in 2012, all dedicated to the Can Axartell philosophy: respect for the grapes, the environment, the people who produce the wine and those who enjoy it. The first modern Can Axartell vintage was bottled in 2013. Its wines have since earned acclaim on the island and far beyond as well.


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