Calvados VSOP Cinq Autels

Calvados VSOP Cinq Autels

Normandy, France
Domaine de Cinq Autels - NV
Product Code: HFZ14
Grape: Apples
Size: 70cl
Alcohol: 40%
This Normandy spirit is aged for no fewer than 5 years, giving it the right intensity of flavours with a smooth taste. There is a rich appley character to the cider, which is fully organic and made from over 15 different varieties of ancient apples. With a 40% ABV, it packs quite the punch--perfect for cocktails or sipping on its own. It's well worth the price!

Domaine des Cinq Autels

This Normandy cider is made from more than 15 varieties of apples planted on 9 hectares of land owned by Jean-Rene Pitrou. The varieties have been specially selected to give the optimum cider experience: 60–70% give bitter-sweet fruit, 15% are sharp and zesty and the remainder are what the producer describes as ‘tangy’. The estate has been organic since 1967.

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£29.99 a bottle

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