Riedenburger Low-Alcohol Lager

Pfalz, Germany
Riedenburger- NV
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Grape: Unspecified
Size: 33cl
Alcohol: 0.5%
Drink now Suitable for vegans
£1.69 // bottle // pack
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Pfalz, Germany
Riedenburger- NV

This Bavarian beauty is not quite 'Alcohol free' but at less than 0.5% it's the next best thing. The real delight here is the 'flavour', it's got real bite and a refreshing citrus lift in the malty finish. Brewed from 50% spelt malt, it's streets ahead of most other offerings out there, and all ingredients are of course organic too. Great for athletes (it's also isotonic) and for those who just want a satisying drink without the alcohol, and for drivers too.

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