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Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? We definitely do, and for us nothing is better than sitting down with friends and a delicious glass of wine. But for some people, it isn’t as simple as picking their favourite wine and pouring a glass.

With so many different dietary restrictions around, it can be hard to know if the wine you are drinking is okay for your diet. Vegans need to be especially careful with the things they eat and drink as animal products are used for many different types of food and drinks, even some that you wouldn’t expect.

If you are vegan, you might be wondering, is wine vegan? The answer is, that it depends on the wine, the producer and the vintage. So yes, vegan wines do exist and this article is all about how you can find out what wine is or isn’t vegan and how you can get your hands on some delicious wine that is vegan (as well as organic) friendly.

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Are All Wines Vegan?

Unfortunately, not all wines are vegan friendly. This doesn’t mean that the wine itself is an animal product, but some of the fining ingredients in the winemaking process, are animal by-products.

Fining is the process that stops the wine from being cloudy and helps to eliminate proteins, yeast and other molecules that cloud the wine.

Some common ingredients that can make wine fining a non-vegan process are:

  • Casein, which is a milk protein
  • Albumin, which is found in egg whites
  • Gelatine, a type of animal protein which can come from bone or hooves
  • Isinglass, a fish bladder protein

If you are very strict vegan, these products are obviously a no-go, even if they are just a processing agent, and do not really remain ‘in’ the wine.

Whilst fining is not essential, it can speed the winemaking process up, as otherwise the wine has to sit untouched for months on end in order to clear naturally. Fining helps to separate the larger materials in the wine from the clear liquid and helps these molecules sink to the bottom making for a nice clear and bright wine, ready for consumption.

We do have some good news though, as not all fining processes are non-vegan. Carbon and clay based fining ingredients exist, often called bentonite. So when asking yourself, what is vegan wine, it’s simply a wine that doesn’t use a fining process with ingredients from animals.

Is All Organic Wine Vegan?

No is the answer, just because a wine is organic, does not make it vegan. An increasing number of wine labels will now tell you if it is vegan or vegetarian suitable, but it is all about choice, and the merchant or producer has to pass this information on to you, the consumer.

We have a great selection of vegan wines here on Vintage Roots, take a look at the range of wines available and give vegan wine a go.

How to Find Vegan Wine

When it comes to finding vegan wine, it can really depend on the vineyard as to whether the information is clearly shown on the packaging. When looking for vegan wine, make sure that you read the label carefully. If you can’t find any information about the whether the wine is vegan or not, it would be safest to assume it is not vegan suitable, unless you can ask someone for the correct information.

Here at Vintage Roots, we make sure that we have detailed information from our suppliers and you can easily find out if a wine is vegan or not by keeping an eye out for the VG symbol on any of the wine’s descriptions.

We check with our wine producers each year for the up to date status, as just because a wine is vegan one year, does not mean it will be the next.

If you didn’t have a specific wine in mind, then you can search our website for vegan wines by typing VG in the search bar. Our clear and easy to understand information means that you won’t have a problem finding a vegan wine you love on our site.

When it comes to finding wine, you may have never asked yourself, is wine vegan? Hopefully this article has answered that question for you and you can find some vegan friendly wine that you love. Vegan wine is out there, it may take a little work to find but as vegan diets rise in popularity, hopefully they will become more readily available.

An increasing proportion of our wines are vegan suitable, and we would encourage this, but the final decision rests with individual winemakers, as sometimes a different fining product is beneficial to the structure and feel of the wine in particular vintages.

Wine is a such a great drink for so many occasions, so it would be a shame if you as a vegan had to miss out on wine because of the fining and clearing process. Similarly, if you are hosting an event, even something as simple as a dinner party, consider vegan friendly wine for your guests, as you never know who might appreciate it.

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