Black Isle Rhode Runner New England Pale Ale

Black Isle Brewery- NV
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Size: 44cl
Alcohol: 5%
Suitable for vegans
£3.30 // bottle // pack

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Black Isle Brewery- NV

Cans seem to be the way forward for craft beers. They are more easily recycled, chill down quicker and take up less space. This is a delicious hoppy, resinous and fruity pale ale with bags of flavour and a crisp clean finish. Inspired by the fruity, hazy beers of America's New England.

Black Isle Brewery

The Black Isle brewery are the UK's premier organic brewery making world class beers from the finest organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals, as nature intended.

They have their own organic farm where they grow malting barley for brewing. They even have their own brewery house cow, called Molly, who eats the malt from the brewery mash tun and gives 20 pints of fresh creamy milk every day.

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