Black Isle Brewery Goldfinch Gluten Free IPA (33cl)


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Full-flavoured, lower-alcohol, gluten-free craft beer - what's not to like?!  

Reassuringly full flavoured and hop forward for its 3.5% strength. Refreshing, juicy and a touch tropical, it’s a great session beer that is also gluten free.

Gluten free beers can be made in two ways – ‘GLUTEN FREE’ are made with Gluten Free raw materials from the start (such as Quinoa and Sorghum). ‘GLUTEN REMOVED’ beers are made in the usual way (with gluten-containing raw materials) and remove the gluten at the end stage. An enzyme is added to  coagulate the gluten so that it can be removed during filtration.

Black Isle chose to go down the latter method as they weren’t happy with the flavour of the former. Goldfinch is brewed with malted barley and then the gluten is removed.

Each batch of Goldfinch is sent off for Lab Testing to ensure that the product is Gluten Free to Coeliac Society standards (less than 20 particles per million of Gluten) before it is released from the brewery for sale.


The Black Isle brewery are the UK's premier organic brewery making world class beers from the finest organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals, as nature intended.

They have their own organic farm where they grow malting barley for brewing. They even have their own brewery house cow, called Molly, who eats the malt from the brewery mash tun and gives 20 pints of fresh creamy milk every day.



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  1. Surprisingly full flavoured

    Great amount of flavour for the strength. Very enjoyable.