Bio Mavrud & Ruben

Bio Mavrud & Ruben

Thracian Valley, Bulgaria
Edoardo Miroglio - 2014
Product Code: EBU05
Grape: Mavrud, Ruben
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 14%
Fruity red made from indigenous Bulgarian varieties in the Thracian Valley, near Elenoro village. It's full of soft ripe fruit, with cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry flavours elegantly balanced with light Bulgarian oak. An exuberant wine!

Edoardo Miroglio

Edoardo Miroglio is the name of the well known Italian producer of wines and textiles, who discovered the Thracian region of Bulgaria, to be perfect for a new wine project. Since 2002 he has worked with huge investment in a new winery, and the employment of top oenologists to now produce some top quality wines, which include the two wines listed below, both of which have won Gold medals in recent organic wine competitions in Germany and France.

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