Tasi Fasoli Gino Prosecco Spumante

Veneto, Italy
Fasoli Gino- 2016
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Grape: Glera
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 11.5%
Drink now Suitable for vegans
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Veneto, Italy
Fasoli Gino- 2016

This young Italian wine comes from the Veronese Fasoli Gino estate, and the family-run winery is renowned for being one of the region's foremost pioneers in organic farming and winemaking. For over 30 years, the Fasoli Gino family has produced the exceptional Prosecco, with its pure fizz, soft mousse, and delicate fruit flavors.

TASI is a modern slang word from the Veneto area (from Italian ‘taci’ the verb being ‘tacére, to literally shut up). Why? Well sometimes, it is best to let a wine speak for itself. Look carefully at the label here, we missed it at first, but it spells out T-A-S-I with the T forming left side of face first as you look at it.

88 Points - Tom Cannavan, 'This comes from Fasoli Gino, a family-run winery in Verona who pioneered organic farming in the area 30 years ago. The mousse is modest, but the nose is more about apple and a hint of nuttiness and honey than the icing sugar froth of many cheaper Proseccos. The palate has a soft peach and passionfruit ripeness, a hint of something exotic for sure, and good, clean acidity. It still has party/aperitif credentials, but enough pleasant bitter lemon acidity to be savoury too.' Wine-Pages.com, November 2015

Fasoli Gino

Founded back in 1925 by Amadio Fasoli, it was then a fruit and vegetable farm, making some wine for consumption in Veronese bars. The business is currently headed by Matteo Fasoli, the third generation to hold the reins here. Since 2006 the family have also been practising Demeter-certified biodynamics. They continue to apply know-how passed down over generations alongside modern techniques to ensure we produce consistently high quality wines. Today they use this biodynamic approach as it restores the balance that already exists in nature. By reinforcing the plants and revitalising the soils it encourages the biodiversity the vines need. The Fasoli family are committed to treating their land with the utmost care to ensure its health for future generations. 

Fasoli Gino turned to organic viticulture in 1980 and since 1984 all of their land has been farmed organically. The nature of the land (partly clay and partly a mix of stones and sand), and the favourable microclimate (the wide and sunny valley, protected from the north by the Lessini mountains) make the area particularly suitable for vine growing. Currently the estate is cultivating 14 hectares of vineyards divided into seven parts: Casétta, Cassòla, Creàri, Pessétta, Perantònie, Orgno and Sànde. The type of land varies from one vineyard to the other, which has helped determine which varieties should be planted. In the clay soil there are 30–40 year old Garganega vines, traditionally used for Soave wine. Where the soil is stony and sandy, some clones of Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir have been planted. The meticulous viticultural practices include: grass grown under the vines; manuring with bovine dung; balanced pruning to guarantee a low yield; parasite control using natural products and predators, and hand picking done at different times to select grapes at their optimum ripening point. The vinification is carried out with the use of modern technology whilst respecting the criteria of organic production.

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