Sam Smiths Organic Lager 35cl

Yorkshire, England
Samuel Smiths- NV
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Size: 35cl
Alcohol: 5%
Suitable for vegans
£1.90 // bottle // pack
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Yorkshire, England
Samuel Smiths- NV

Made by a small, independent brewery in the Yorkshire countryside, this is the ideal lager to drink at a party! You'll love the clean, pale yellow colour of the lager, as well as its beautifully foamy head. Don't expect the white head to dissipate any time soon; it has real staying power, giving you the refreshing scents of a strong, malty lager. Neither too bitter nor too sweet, this beer strikes a good balance between malt and hops--tending slightly more towards the malty. Thanks to the Vienna malt used in the mash, this brew has both fruity and toffee notes in the finish. All in all, a brilliant brew!

Samuel Smiths

A small independent, and the oldest brewery in Yorkshire. The original well, sunk in 1758, draws water from 85 feet underground for the ales and stouts. 

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