Bavaria, Germany
Dupetit- NV
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Grape: Unspecified
Size: 33cl
Alcohol: 5%
Suitable for vegans
100% of 100
£1.95 // bottle // pack
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Bavaria, Germany
Dupetit- NV

Instead of using only malt, hops, and wheat, this organic lager is brewed with hemp as one of the ingredients. Made in Bavaria, this Austrian-brewed beer has a unique flavour that is brilliantly smooth, crisp, and refreshing. The brew has a 5% ABV, making it excellent for both casual drinkers and those who want to savour their beer. The aromas of hemp flower are complex, and each new brew has its own unique flavours. The result is a quality beer that is different every time you drink it. Very crisp, enjoyable organic continental lager.


Dupetit have developed a unique tasting beer with carefully-selected organic hemp, malt, hops and yeasts. Hemp flowers have more than 140 different aromatic components and this, combined with hand selection and harvesting, gives Cannabia that unmistakable hemp flower aroma.
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