Armagnac Premier Age

Armagnac Premier Age

Bergerac & Southwest France, France
Domaine de Pajot - NV
Product Code: HFZ18
Grape: Ugni Blanc
Size: 50cl
Alcohol: 44%
A fantastic new addition to our spirit section and from Damien Barreau of Domaine de Pajot. This delicious Armagnac is a blend of 2004 & 2009 vintages of Ugni Blanc, whose vineyards are located in the Bas-Armagnac region. Aged in 400 litre oak barrels giving the Armagnac a golden amber hue, aromas of spice, prune, vanilla and toast. Very smooth and with a rich lingering mouthfeel.

Domaine de Pajot

This 32-hectare estate is predominantly planted with white grape varieties. Colombard, ugni-blanc, gros-manseng and sauvignon blanc thrive on the sand and silt vineyards overlooking Eauze, the capital of Armagnac. The result is stunningly characterful and much-loved white wines.

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