AOC Saussignac Cuvée Noble Richard Doughty

AOC Saussignac Cuvée Noble Richard Doughty

Bergerac & Southwest France, France
Château Richard - 2010
Product Code: CFA19
Grape: Sémillon
Size: 50cl
Alcohol: 13%

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Delicious 'full on' dessert wine similar to Sauternes in style, yet much cheaper! A wine to savour and sip or save for Christmas even. Limited quantites left.

Saussignac is an appellation in SW France well known for sweet wines. It is a small area of land which surrounds the town of Saussignac, on the southern slopes of the Dordogne river. Think Sauternes (which is just 40km to the east) and you would not be far wrong. Here Englishman Richard Doughty also makes Bergerac Sec and Rouge wines, but his real passion and talent is for the sweet Saussignac. Made mainly from...

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Château Richard

Our list would not be complete without Richard Doughty and his fantastic wines. This sweet duo are in a class of their own and over the years they have won a host of fans.

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