DO Penedès Petit Albet Red

DO Penedès Petit Albet Red

Penedès, Spain
Albet i Noya - 2015
Product Code: ESO01
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Tempranillo
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 14%
From the Spanish wine producing region of Penedès comes this Albet I Noya vintage, a beautifully versatile wine that is produced to organic standards. The young wine is vinified in stainless steel barrels rather than oak, giving them a fresh, youthful flavor that makes for easy drinking. The texture is silky and smooth, coating your palate with well-rounded tannins. There are strong floral notes, along with bright red fruit. The primary flavors include fresh black fruits, and the medium-bodied red has a beautiful acidity to balance out the sweetness. It's a brilliant wine to pair with a wide range of fragrant...

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Albet i Noya

In 1978, Josep Maria Albet i Noya became the first winemaker in Spain to adopt organic practices in the vineyard, eliminating the use of chemical and synthetic insecticides and pesticides. Returning to more traditional methods, the balance of the vines is maintained using only permitted green, organic and composted fertilisers, resulting in healthy grapes of ‘true’ character.

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