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Bin Ends and Special Offers

Bin Ends and Special Offers

One of the problems of running our business is that we occasionally end up with odds and ends of some very good wines that for whatever reason, do not sell as quickly as anticipated, or are only left in small quantity (and therefore difficult to make into a bigger offer). These bins can take up valuable warehouse space and so we've decided to offer some out at BIG discounts. There's real interest and real bargains!

AOC Macon Davaye Domaine de la Croix Senaillet 2009/2010 (France)

Fabulously bright and mineral Burgundian Chardonnay

Was £11.75 OFFER £9.50 23% off

Albet i Noya DO Penedés Reserva Martí 2004 (Spain)

Top red wine of the famous Albet I Noya estate. Superb blend of Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot.

£25.00 OFFER £19.99 20% off

Bloom Mountain Irish Cream Liqueur

This is the equivalent to organic 'Baileys'. Great for cocktails or on its own over ice! (has past its best before date)

£9.99 OFFER £4.99 50% off

Wyld Wood Vintage 2011 Cider 20ltr bag in box

Past best before date

£72.15 OFFER £35 51% off


Booja Booja Special Edition Hazelnut Truffles

Delightfully divine chocolate truffles, handmade with sweet roasted hazelnuts.

£12.95 OFFER £8.99 30% off

Cocoa Loco Cinder Toffee

Chunks of traditional handmade cinder toffee dunked into bitter sweet velvety dark chocolate.

£3.99 OFFER £2.99 25% off

Cocoa Loco White Chocolate Thins

Melt-in-your-mouth thins made from smooth creamy vanilla white chocolate.

£5.99 OFFER £3.99 33% off

Cocoa Loco Hampers

Contains a selection of one each from the Cocoa Loco range - all wrapped up!

£27.00 OFFER £19.99 26% off

LaKyrsiew Spring Reserve Indian Tea

£19.50 OFFER £12.50 35% off

Golden Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips

£35.00 OFFER £22.00 37% off

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